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Allsorts Beauty Room & Nails

Salon Based Beauticians & Technicians

Eyelash Extentions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

£35 Full Set  

£28 2wk Infill  

£33 3wk Infill 

Volume Eyelash Extensions 

£50 Full Set 

£32 2wk Infill 

£35 3wk Infill 

£15 Temporary Cluster lashes   

CND Brisa Sculpting and Smoothing Gels


Smoothing Gel

£20 overlay

BRISA LITE Sculpting Gel

£25 Natural overlay

£28 French overlay

£33 Full set Natural

£36 Full set French


£24 Natural

£26 French

My clients love these new gels they feel great and look fantastic.

They are applied with no damage to the natural nails just as CND Shellac is.

The Brisa SMOOTHING system can be used on its own as a sheer clear nail coating adding strength to your naturals nails. Or you can add it into your Shellac service to add durability to your Shellac application and add strength to your natural nails

The Brisa Lite SCULPTING looks fantastic and most of my acrylic clients have switched to this kind to the natural nail and natural look gel. this can be infilled or soaked off in 30mins for a fresh application. Try the latest and most durable gel. That I cannot rave about enough.

Both products are simply Beautiful