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Allsorts Beauty Room & Nails

Salon Based Beauticians & Technicians

Eyelash Extentions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

£35 Full Set  

£28 2wk Infill  

£33 3wk Infill 

Volume Eyelash Extensions 

£50 Full Set 

£32 2wk Infill 

£35 3wk Infill 

£15 Temporary Cluster lashes   

Fiberglass Nails alone or with Acrylic

A quick and easy option for a full set of nails

These are excellent for severely damaged nail beds of all the products I have tried on clients nails when they have come to me with damaged nails beds this is what has worked.

They are also thin and look elegant.

Fibreglass is also perfect for repairing a natural nail

£4 nail repair

£33 for a set of clear / pink/natural fibreglass with acrylic

£30 for a set of fibreglass