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Allsorts Beauty Room & Nails

Salon Based Beauticians & Technicians

Eyelash Extentions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

£35 Full Set  

£28 2wk Infill  

£33 3wk Infill 

Volume Eyelash Extensions 

£50 Full Set 

£32 2wk Infill 

£35 3wk Infill 

£15 Temporary Cluster lashes   

Natural and beautiful

Individual & cluster


A set of Individual lash extensions

£35 (120 MINS)

Individual Lashes ... Infills add £7 to infill price for 3d lashes

2 week £25

3 week £30

4 week £35

If over 50 % of lashes are missing then it will be charged at the price of a new set

3D lashes £45

Cluster / Party Lashes £15 (40mins)

 NB. Appointment times include preparation of lashes

Infills usually required 3/4 weekly as people shed lashes just like the hair on your head does,

it also depends on how they are looked after/maintained between appointments too



 Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions are the latest revolution in the beauty industry, resulting in the fastest growing treatment in the UK.

Their popularity derives from their unbelievably natural appearance and semi permanent adhesion, lasting anything between four and six weeks. With regular maintenance lashes can be on for 12 weeks. Like your hair and nails, the eyelashes fall out and replenish themselves on a continuous cycle.

You can have lovely long lashes 24 hours a day, hassle free and they are fantastic for special occasions or every day use.

The lash extensions have a natural curl so you no longer need to perm your own lashes… There are different shape curls to suit every clients needs, as well as various lengths, thicknesses and colours.

The lash extensions are waterproof, heat proof, and chlorine proof, ideal for a summer holiday. When applied correctly the lashes are so lightweight you would never know they are not your own!

Lash FX lashes naturally darken the lashes making them fuller and more visible. Lash FX Eyelash Extensions are comfortable on the eyes and very light. They can last up to 12 weeks, when cared for correctly, and we recommend maintenance every few weeks for the best appearance. When applied professionally, they do not damage the natural eyelash, which can be the case with traditional self-applied false eyelashes.