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Allsorts Beauty Room & Nails

Salon Based Beauticians & Technicians

Eyelash Extentions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

£35 Full Set  

£28 2wk Infill  

£33 3wk Infill 

Volume Eyelash Extensions 

£50 Full Set 

£32 2wk Infill 

£35 3wk Infill 

£15 Temporary Cluster lashes   


with our Reiki Master


1hr £25 or 1/2hr £16

Learn Reiki 1,2 and 3 (Masters) each over 2 days.

All levels include comprehensive manuals, attunements and certificate. Please enquire regarding prices.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of natural healing rediscovered in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki translates as universal life force energy, this energy flows through all living things and flows through our human bodies in a simular way to blood.

Reiki is a gentle, harmless and natural form of healing, that in turn is balancing, relaxing and energising.

Chakra means 'spinning wheel of energy' The human body has multiple Chakras, each one manages the flow of energy between the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. When your body is healthy, energy flows freely, when the energy becomes blocked, imbalanced or disrupted, it can cause weakness and disease in the body, which in turn predisposes us to Physical, Mental or emotional conditions. Reiki healing can open blocked Chakras.

Reiki is a completely Non Invasive Treatment that is performed with the client fully clothed.

There are two equally effective methods that can be used during Reiki treatment. The Practitioner can lay their hands on different parts of the body, or use a hands off approach.

Reiki provides deep relaxation, which in turn can help ease the effects of a physical illness, It can ease pain and may also help to enhance the healing effects of any medications, and it will also promote your own bodies healing system. Reiki can also help to release stuck or buried emotions, you may even cry during the treatment, or have memories arise, but overall Reiki gives you a pure sense of love.

SENSATIONS you may feel during your treatment

You may feel Tingles or shivers during the treatment as energy waves pass through the body. You may feel nothing at all !!

There are many other reported sensations such as feeling hot or cold, wanting to cry or actually crying, laughing, sighing, coughing, seeing images or colours, and as you relax more deeply, your stomach may gurgle and your hands and feet may twitch. This is all completely normal.

REIKI IS a calming experience and Clients will often have a profound and very personal experience during the treatment.

AFTER your treatment

Ground yourself - take your time in coming back to the world.

Reiki may initiate a detoxification process, as all the unblocked energy and toxins are released from your body, they can leave by passing in your urine, phlegm, faeces and sweat. Drinking lots of water can help this process.